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The book also calls for women to read together and discuss the principles, which will accelerate the pace of change, Nadel told CBS News.

“It creates momentum. This is about movement building, and a lot of people at the moment are saying, ‘What can I do about the political situation?’ And this is one thing they can do,” Nadel said. “Find other women, read the book with them, share the ideas and encourage others to do the same.”

Anderson spoke of her experience speaking out for equal pay while starring in “The X-Files,” one of the hottest shows on television (for which she won an Emmy and a Golden Globe), as she was being paid less than her co-star, David Duchovny.

“It was quite scary at the time to make that decision,” Anderson said. “We were shown that it’s not okay to speak up, as women were often silenced. There’s a lot of backlash, and then there is the normalization of backlash. When I did actually speak up, the amount of responses that I got from women, ultimately empower women. And so when we can stand up and show what is unacceptable to ourselves and society, then it’s a good example.”

“It was how many years before you were able to say we should be making the same pay?” asked co-anchor Norah O’Donnell.

“Well, initially when I had this fight with Fox was a few years into the [series], and I finally won parity,” Anderson said. “But then when we did the new six episodes in 2015, I was offered less than half of my co-star, which completely boggled my mind. I eventually got there, but it was really important.”

She admits that she was afraid of “angering the man and shaming the woman” who were in charge of making that decision.

Another topic of “We” is depression. According to the National Alliance on Mental Health Illness , women are 70 percent more likely to experience depression than men.

Nadel talked of one event at a time when she was “living in a ‘when ... then ...’ way, as many of us do -- When I get the job, when I get the kids, when I get the relationship, then I’ll be happy. And I had it all. And I was sitting there with my two kids throwing their pureed baby food at me and I got the call to go to Downing Street, which is what every journalist wants to get, and I just looked at my kids and thought, ‘I can’t do that, I can’t go. Even though this happens every day, I need to be here.’

“And then my life unfolded -- massive depression, burnout. And from that, great gifts.”

“You said the outside can look really great, but if you’re not happy on the inside nothing works,” said co-anchor Gayle King.

“It’s true, it’s true,” Nadel replied. “And so often we compare how we feel on the inside with how someone else looks on the outside, which just makes us feel more even more miserable and lonely.”

To read an excerpt from “We: A Manifesto for Women,” visit the Simon Schuster website .

By Eric Ralph
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Scarcely 48 hours after they began, SpaceX technicians have already completed installation of all four of Falcon fairing recovery vessel Mr Steven’s new and dramatically larger arms, as well as eight giant struts. All that remains to be installed is an upgraded net, said by CEO Elon Musk to have four times the area of its predecessor.

Put simply, it’s difficult to express how large these upgraded arms really are, and photos still only give a partial sense of their scale. SpaceX technicians busy installing the new arms on July 10th nevertheless offer a fleeting appreciation of the true size of this new payload fairing recovery apparatus, which will hopefully see its first operational debut in just two weeks with a fairing recovery attempt after the Iridium-7 Falcon 9 mission, July 25th.

A few SpaceX technicians examine one of Mr Steven’s newly-attached arms and struts. (Pauline Acalin)
Mr Steven and the ever mysterious inflatable ring now floating at Berth 240, July 10. (Pauline Acalin)
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While it’s difficult to estimate from photos alone, it appears that Mr Steven’s new arms are minimum of roughly 65 meters squared, assuming a square aspect ratio. In other words, the vessel’s next and newest net could have an area as large as 3600 square meters (~40,000 square feet, ~0.85 acres), easily more than quadruple the size of Mr Steven’s previous net. For comparison, the massive autonomous spaceport drone ships (ASDS) SpaceX often recovers its Falcon 9 and Heavy boosters aboard have a usable landing area of roughly 45,000 square feet, a little more than 10% larger than Mr Steven’s new net.

With these vast new arms, struts, and (soon enough) net, SpaceX is likely as close as they have ever been to successfully catching a Falcon 9 fairing, an achievement that would likely allow the company to begin reusing the large carbon fiber-composite shrouds almost immediately. Critically, although SpaceX appears to have begun attaching recovery hardware to both fairing halves in recent West Coast attempts, it remains to be seen whether Mr Steven’s new claw apparatus will be able to catch both halves, thus closing the gap on fairingrecovery without necessitating the leasing and modification of perhaps three additional copies of the vessel.

New in version 2.1.

Creates a new container that allows attribute assignment using the {% set %} tag:

The main purpose of this is to allow carrying a value from within a loop body to an outer scope. Initial values can be provided as a dict, as keyword arguments, or both (same behavior as Python’s dict constructor):

New in version 2.10.

The following sections cover the built-in Jinja2 extensions that may be enabled by an application. An application could also provide further extensions not covered by this documentation; in which case there should be a separate document explaining said extensions .

If the i18n extension is enabled, it’s possible to mark parts in the template as translatable. To mark a section as translatable, you can use trans :

To translate a template expression — say, using template filters, or by just accessing an attribute of an object — you need to bind the expression to a name for use within the translation block:

If you need to bind more than one expression inside a trans tag, separate the pieces with a comma ( , ):

Inside trans tags no statements are allowed, only variable tags are.

To pluralize, specify both the singular and plural forms with the pluralize tag, which appears between trans and endtrans :

By default, the first variable in a block is used to determine the correct singular or plural form. If that doesn’t work out, you can specify the name which should be used for pluralizing by adding it as parameter to pluralize :

When translating longer blocks of text, whitespace and linebreaks result in rather ugly and error-prone translation strings. To avoid this, a trans block can be marked as trimmed which will replace all linebreaks and the whitespace surrounding them with a single space and remove leading/trailing whitespace:

If trimming is enabled globally, the notrimmed modifier can be used to disable it for a trans block.

New in version 2.10: The and modifiers have been added.

It’s also possible to translate strings in expressions. For that purpose, three functions exist:

For example, you can easily print a translated string like this:

To use placeholders, use the format filter:

For multiple placeholders, always use keyword arguments to format , as other languages may not use the words in the same order.

Changed in version 2.5.

If newstyle gettext calls are activated ( Whitespace Trimming ), using placeholders is a lot easier:

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